4 ways to use a game camera effectively

Do you own a game camera? If you do and want to use it as effectively as possible, there are a few things that you should know first. To use your game camera as effectively as you can, here are a few things that you should follow when you are setting it up.


  1. Face your game camera towards the south.

Animals will usually come towards the north or the south directions. So you will want to make sure that your game camera is facing that direction, especially if you want to take good shots of the animals that you are currently hunting down. So consult your compass before you decide to place your game camera.


  1. Charge and update your camera before use.

You do not want your game camera to die before you collect it. So be sure that it has got a full battery before you place it out in the wild. You have to make sure that your trail camera is updated with the latest software too because you do not want it to stop functioning because of any software bugs.


  1. Do not face towards the sun.

Glare from the sun could decrease the quality of your pictures and videos. So if you are going to place the game camera, make sure that it is not facing the east or west directions, because those are the directions where the sun will be rising and setting. You should instead face your camera away from the sky to reduce glare from the sun.


  1. Clear brush away from the lens and flash.

Obstructions in front of the game camera should be removed. Leaves, brush and other kinds of obstructions can severely reduce the quality of your picture. So you had better make sure nothing is covering up the flash or the lens of your game camera.