Effective Ways to Destroy Roaches

Not all households are fond of seeing roaches in their homes. Once they see a single roach running around, especially in the kitchen, it already spells disaster for the homeowner. It will be difficult to take them out right away. They get to your food, destroy electronics, books, wallpaper, etc. Some species of roaches can actually be harmful to the human’s health. The best roach killer ways to do in order to totally evict them out of the house is to employ basic household cleaning. Roaches are not fond of clean homes.


First is by denying these roaches access to food and water. It is understandable with the former, but water? Cockroaches also thrive in water since it is their main source of energy. It totally depends on their size and the temperature they are currently at. They can live on water without food for a month, but they can only last for a week if they have no access to water. Look for any leaks in your home and fix them right away. Once you have eliminated their water source, it will be time to set your baits that will totally kill them. These are gel-based baits that are available in stores that specializes in insecticides.


Like it was said before, the best roach killer is to completely clean your home daily. The reason why they thrive really well in other households is because they don’t clean their homes all the time. You need to secure your kitchen and make sure that it is completely clean. This is the part of the home where there is water and food source. Wash all the dishes and put all the food away immediately after every meal. Clean up any spills and crumbs. Try to keep close eye on the range tops, since it is also a good place for roaches to thrive due to the grease sticking to it.