How to use Instagram for social media marketing

When Instagram itself a social media outreach, marketing it the same on social media channels are not big deals. Nowadays businesses would like to take their brands to the target people through an easy yet comfortable platform where everyone is on presence anytime. No one is actually looking back for traditional marketing, and for those who really rely solely on SEO, social media is next worth spending option.


Say for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, Google+, Tumblr, StumblUpon, Reddit et al in the list of social media channels. However they are from one single family, they do have separate and various interaction setting and brands could be easily used them accordingly.


Instagram Profile

Setting up an own account on Instagram either for personal or for professional use, say to market your brand or business or services/products.


The power of social media plays on everyone’s palms in the present scenario. Hence while making any posts, shares, news feeds, posting photos or videos should be accompanied by home page link. Wherein Instagram or any other social media’s greater job is that driving website traffic in heavy figures.


  • Social media provides n lots of ability to follow your potential clients, pull their attention and make them aware of your brand & business
  • Social media matters a lot as it has billions of active users and it becomes one of the important marketing strategy set for your e-commerce business plan

And to very important, there must be basic overview and track measurement on your account to generate actionable data.

  1. Rolling analysis (monthly)
  2. Content posting (with relevant hashtags)
  3. Lively and active engagement
  4. Optimization (use consistent filters)
  5. Community (who follows and whom you follow)


Bottom line

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