Should You Eat Foods with Carrageenan?

Being here means that you have thought about whether or not the food you are eating is causing you to get sick. Because of the kind of lifestyle that people have these days, they can’t help but blame it on foods that they take. If only they understand what moderation means, they didn’t need to blame it all on foods with ingredients like carrageenan to be the source of whatever they are feeling right now.


Overview of carrageenan

carrageenan comes from a red seaweed that is used as an ingredient to thicken food. The process is taken to get it into an ingredient starts from:


  • Gathering of the red seaweed
  • Goes through the fresh water wash
  • Soaks in alkaline
  • Goes again through fresh water wash and then chopped
  • Removing of color
  • Goes through the fresh water wash again
  • Drying
  • Then milling


The last process is where you get the carrageenan ingredient, in powder form. Just from the process alone, you can already tell that carrageenan can be consumed since it comes from the source where most of the food humans eat came from.


Here is where the story about its harmful effects come from.


There are two forms of this ingredient – one is for food use while the other is not, also called as food-grade and degraded respectively. The food-grade is obviously where the ingredient for food use is being sourced, while the degraded isn’t. The latter is also where the harmful chemicals come from. It is because of this information that it has gotten twisted in the long run, often providing sources from licensed professionals that it should never be consumed.


Here is something you can think for yourself – if carrageenan was so harmful in the first place, why is it still used now in food products? It is not about the wrong use of ingredients, but how humans approach food and their lifestyle.