When to Buy a New Car Battery

Do you need a new car battery? You can find several at sites such as http://www.powergenixsystems.com/best-car-battery-reviews/. One of the main issues in terms of buying new batteries is knowing when you need to take that action. Here are some signs that it’s time to change your auto battery:


  1. Engine doesn’t start

There are times when your car/truck engine cranks but doesn’t start up. In the case your engine cranks/turns over after you turn the key, but the vehicle doesn’t start up—it’s probably the battery.


It’s not 100% and it could be the start or other components. However, if you experience this situation most of the time it’s the battery. When your vehicle doesn’t crank enough to start up you should jump-start the vehicle using the jumper cable. This usually helps to get the car up and running again.


  1. Doesn’t start every day

There are times that your automobile starts up OK, and times it doesn’t. In that situation it could be the result of terminals that are loose, corroded, broken, etc. Another possibility is some gadget is draining power from it.


Take some time to check the cables to make sure they fit well on the battery posts. It’s important that they’re not loose at all. When they’re tight you shouldn’t be able to wiggle the cables at all.


  1. No crank/start/lights

If you have this experience while trying to operate your vehicle, it’s obvious that something is wrong, but what is it? The situation is quite easy to figure out and it’s a stronger sign that your auto battery has problems.


That’s because the car battery powers all the vehicles accessories/lights, and in the case that the alternator isn’t running. If your car/truck seems to be dead then you should be checking out the battery.